NASA api c#

Exploring NASA API’s [using C#]

NASA API Overview Lately I’ve discovered that NASA provides a number of open API’s! In fact a GitHub source states that NASA generates over 15 Terabytes of date every single…

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UK police api c#

Get Local Crime Data Using UK Police API [Via C#]

Here we go! Another API post. Today we’re look at the the police API which provides crime & neighbourhood events data in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Below is just…

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fbi wanted api with C#

Accessing the FBI (Wanted People) API using C#

The FBI has some open API’s! We will explore one of these today: the FBI Wanted API. It allows you to query government data from the ‘FBI Wanted programme’. The…

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How To Use The Stack Overflow API with C#

Stack Overflow data can be accessed via the Stack Exchange API. So rather than using the term ‘Stack Overflow API’ we will use the correct term in this post. The…

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70-480 exam

70-480 Exam – Microsoft Certification [Useful Guide]

A while ago I passed the Microsoft 70-480 certification (HTML5, Javascript & CSS3) exam and i have to be honest and admit that it genuinely does prepare you for the…

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blazor UI C#

Telerik UI For Blazor C# [With Code Examples]

  Blazor is a lot of fun and it’s gaining popularity amongst the C# community. In fact if you want to see some of the cool features of the framework…

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Duckduckgo instant answers API with c#

Exploring DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API using C#

In this article we’ll be briefly exploring the Duckduckgo instant answers API using C#. First of all let’s define what DuckDuckGo is. What is DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo is a search engine…

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The Best Way to Handle Views & Partial Views in ASP.NET MVC

The content below is based on notes that I wrote a few years ago when I was first learning the MVC pattern. Topics in this article will include but are…

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Things to know when using ToString() on numeric data

This very short article is about things to know when using ToString() on numeric data in c# when working with Kendo cultures. The Issue I experienced: using the ToString() method…

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26 Topics that will turn you into a great software developer

The list below contains 26 Topics that will turn you into a great software developer. Master all of these topics and you’re set for life! The list of topics below…

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