Free WordPress website assistance

I’m offering free WordPress assistance to those interested in creating a new blog. When i first started out using WordPress there was a slight learning curve involved, it can be a bit of a nightmare at the start,  so i’m offering this free assistance to help those who are also new to this process.

Installing and getting a WordPress website setup and running can be challenge.

Reasons for having a WordPress site:
– You want to create a personal blog
– You need a website for a company
– You want to move your existing blog over to wordpress
– Easy to manage content and add new posts

For no extra cost at all , I will help you get setup with a brand new wordpress site, and as a bonus I will provide you with the following features:
– Search engine optimisation (Helps your site rank higher in google)
– Google analytics for website statistics
– Newsletter sign up form
– Integrate social media

– + One additional feature of your choice

All the features mentioned above are free features that can be implemented into any WordPress account.

Once you’ve signed up for a domain name using the link below (* affiliate link) please contact me for your free WordPress website assistance.

Host your website with Blue Host to qualify for this free assistance offer.


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