Duckduckgo instant answers API with c#

Exploring DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API using C#

In this article we’ll be briefly exploring the Duckduckgo instant answers API using C#. First of all let’s define what DuckDuckGo is. What is DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo is a search engine…

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The Best Way to Handle Views & Partial Views in ASP.NET MVC

The content below is based on notes that I wrote a few years ago when I was first learning the MVC pattern. Request Lifecycle in ASP.NET MVC High level Perspective: …

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Things to know when using ToString() on numeric data

This very short article is about things to know when using ToString() on numeric data in c# when working with Kendo cultures. The Issue I experienced: using the ToString() method…

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26 Topics that will turn you into a great software developer

The list below contains 26 Topics that will turn you into a great software developer. Master all of these topics and you’re set for life! The list of topics below…

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c# online compilers

The Ultimate List of C# Online Compilers

Below is simply a list of the most widely used C# online compilers. All the websites below allow you to write C#  code from within your browser, you can write,…

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Analyzing images with Vision API in C#

Analysing Images in C# using the Vision API

One of the things i enjoy the most about writing code is to try out API’s. It can be quite fun to make use of some code written by other…

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What’s new in C# 8.0

C# Version 8 Hi Guys, Today we will be exploring 3 good resources you can use to find out what’s new in C# 8.0 (the next version of C# to…

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My first day as a C# software developer

This post is most likely going to be more applicable to those of you who are worried about what to expect on your first day as a developer. The content…

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Visual Studio 2019 preview now released

I use Visual Studio on a daily basis so i’m always keen to see what new features and tools are planning to be released. It’s great news to see things…

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Great gift ideas for developers / programmers

Well well well, so you know someone who’s a developer and you’re looking for a gift idea.  You’re in luck, the list below contains impressive great gift ideas. You might…

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